Tuesday, April 29, 2008

too too long

Lisa says it's been so long since I posted that she's threatening to take my link off her blog. I've been pondering some deep thoughts lately that I keep meaning to post. BUT, what has actually motivated me to post again is the poetic picture below.

Poor little guy--didn't stand a chance against our front window. Matthias keeps telling me "Daddy, I saw the birdie died. He's crash right through the window. He must not to do that otherwise he will get an owie and he will get a tummy ache. He's resting now he died. Right Daddy?"

Part of me marvels at my son's first encounter with death and his processing through it. Such a part of life that we're often more removed from today.

Part of me just resents having to scrape up the remains of this little guy (including the feather scraps he left on the window)--ironic since I've dropped 9 gopher bombs in the last 5 weeks (why do I feel a sudden kinship with Bill Murray?)in the same yard .


Lisa Leonard said...

poor little birdie. matty has really been processing through this and why that bird is 'still sleeping'. guess he had really bad owies.

lets see another post!! love you!

Robbin said...

Awww...I buried a bee after it stung me. Felt bad that it had to die. Too funny, the irony you face here. Poor birdy. Stupid gophers.

Leanne said...

A bird hit my window too the other day! It just hurt its leg though and I picked it up with gardening gloves to set it in the shade until it recovered. haha but yes, sad thing. I guess our windows are just THAT clean!