Sunday, June 17, 2007

another one of our own!

I got an email this weekend making fun of me for not posting in while, so I've been shamed back into the blogosphere! Actually, what's really bringing me back out is that one our student's at Grace, Lindsay, blogged about college group this morning. I was greatly encouraged and humbled by Lindsay's reflections. I got to know her as we worked in New Orleans last summer and have enjoyed watching her grow in the Lord this year. In a bit of serendipity I found this photo of Lindsay WITH Jessica in New Orleans last year! (probably Lindsay's favorite pic of herself! check out her blog: On A Balloon Ride) One of my great joys is seeing our students grow in their faith. Thanks for the encouragement Lindsay!


lindsay mcintosh said...

haha, yea it is a pretty good picture! haha, i wasnt really sure how to 'smile for the camera' with that mask on! well im glad that i can be an encouragement to you, your's and tim's sermons have definitely been an encouragement to me! between church and your sermons and growth group and my quiet times, i have been learning and growing so much - ive just felt so fed and like im finally moving forward. so thanks! you're awesome and i appreciate your dedication so much. im really excited to be in slo this summer! and your wife and kids are awesome too =)

lindsay mcintosh said...
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lindsay mcintosh said...

and happy fathers day steve!!